Friday, April 3, 2020


Jake is approximately 6 years old. He is half Iggy and half MinPin. He was picked up off the streets in Texas very emaciated and taken to a shelter. Jake was very shy and withdrawn so he was not adopted. He was set for euthanasia when the kindhearted Texas reps pulled him with the promise of foster care in Indiana. We moved him in January of 2019 during the awfullest cold and snow. What a shock for Jake!

Jake had pretty much no skills. His potty was good with a few reminders but that I am sure was due to the wonderful temp foster home in Texas. Clothes made him stiff legged but he soon found they were great against the cold. Leash was another story. Once on he would lay down on his back and let you drag him all over. Thanks to a specialized leash and the help of his best buddy Willie he found out being on a leash meant going places and was not to be feared.

Jake still is very shy with accepting love and attention but he is coming up more and more to ask for it. He has followed the other dogs in the foster home's example, especially his buddy Willy. He has learned belly rubs are great. He has learned to sing. Snooping around in the yard is great fun and so is playing chase with the foster home's cats. Jake crates quietly. I suspect he may have been a mill boy.

The ideal home for Jake would have a secure fenced yard. He has the MinPin bark so privacy fence if you care about noise. Older kids, another very playful small dog and people who are home a lot and have patience for Jake to get to know them and love them would be best for him. Jake is available to Indiana and surrounding states. States farther may be considered.

If you are interested in Jake, please contact Kim at

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