Hi! My name is Charro! I am 4 years old, have a nice red and white color, and weigh about 18 pounds. OK, I might need to lose another 2 or 3 pounds, but I am working on that.

My foster mom says I am such a sweetheart of a little girl... a very bashful sweetie-pie! I have learned sooo much since I came to my foster home! I can walk nicely on leash, am a good rider in the car, and I have good potty habits, but will sometimes have an accident if nobody notices when I need to    go outside. I do use a potty pad at night if I need to, so I might do well with a potty pad during the day as well. I like my foster sister Iggies, and would appreciate having a four-footed sister or brother in my forever home to help me continue to learn about being a spoiled Iggy girl.

You see, I came from a home that had many, many dogs, so I did not have much contact with humans. My foster mom is working very hard to help me learn to be more comfortable around humans. I like to follow her around the house after she gives me lap time with a massage, but after a while I like to go back to my safe haven spot. My foster dad tries to give me lap time and massages, but I am just not sure what to think of him. Maybe later...
 Sometimes I will follow foster mom around the house when she is cleaning, just to satisfy my curiosity. She has so many things I have never seen before! I like to greet her when she gets home from work, but still do not quite have the confidence to run right up to her like my foster sisters do. I follow foster mom to the bedroom at bedtime because she gives me a yummy treat. I have a cozy spot in the bedroom behind a recliner where I sleep at night.

My foster mom says I probably would not do well in a home with young children because I am still quite nervous. I have heard her mention something called a cat, but have no clue what that is.

If you would like to be my forever family and spoil me and help me learn about the big wide world, please contact Kim at


Fernando is gentle, loving and playful with other dogs. He loves to snuggle with his foster brothers and sisters and his humans. As you can see, Fernando is a stud! He has a sturdy build and he runs very fast. He is a very peaceful dog. He wags his tail often. He rides well in a car and is very good on a lead.

Fernando came from a hoarding situation which explains why he is so good with other dogs.  He favors men and warms up to women slowly. He still shows some fear of children but responds passively.

Unfortunately, Fernando's life in the hoarding situation has left some damage to his trachea. His trachea is narrowed from ammonia burn and he coughs; however, his cough is controlled through medication and it should not effect his health, longevity or chance for a normal life.

Fernando is updated on shots, heart worm negative, and ready to find his forever family. Fernando will need a home with a fenced yard and another small dog for a playmate. If you have what Fernando needs and can give him the perfect forever home, please contact Kim at  


Mia is a very pretty red fawn and white girl that is approximately 16 pounds and 3 years old.  Mia's life before rescue was not a kind one as she was rescued from a hoarding situation. 

Mia still struggles a bit to trust people but since being in rescue she has come a long way.  She gets along fine with the other dogs, walks very well on leash and has great potty habits.  She is crate trained, quiet and rides well in the car.  

Mia's ideal home will be one that is quiet and has an owner experienced in dealing with trust issues who can help bring her the rest of the way to becoming a great companion.  

Mia needs love, patience and commitment to help her understand that loving people is a good thing.
Mia could be spoiled rotten if she lets us and she isn't shy with begging for food at the table. If you have another small dog, fenced yard and the commitment to help Mia continue to progress to a loving companion, please contact Kim at .


Kylie is a blue and white 6 month old female. She is on the larger size at almost 11 lbs now so will probably weigh about 14-15 lbs when fully grown.  She is very smart and very high energy. She wants to play and run all the time (even through the mud).  She is a bit of a tomboy and enjoys tug of war and interaction with her family or other dogs, she will play sometimes on her own with a toy but gets bored easily. Kylie will need someone home a lot who can provide her with lots of stimulation. She will also need another small playful dog.

She does well on leash and rides beautifully in the car.   She is curious, outgoing and loves people.  She has good potty habits although is easily distracted so still needs to be monitored closely and praised.  Her crate training is also very good.  She goes willingly into the crate and sits there quietly with her bone or KONG toy but she can only hold her potty for about 6-8 hours at a time in the crate. If you work then you will need a plan in place for her for potty breaks. Being this young she will need potty breaks during the work day.

Her ideal home will be very active and enjoy taking Kylie places to keep her socialized and stimulated.  She'd also love a young playmate or two.  She has not been tested around cats but I have a feeling she would chase them because she chases everything and assumes everyone wants to play with her!

Kylies needs are a secure fenced yard, 1-2 very playful playmates, humans who will provide lots of exercise and stimulation and take her places to provide lots of socialization.
If you have a fenced yard, young playful canine companion and can provide kylie with lots of stimulation and exercise, please fill out an application and email it to


Tess is a beautiful, fawn and white, 13 year young Iggy girl.  She has lived with her owners for 13 years and has now come into rescue because her owners had to move into a nursing home. 
Tess is a puppy at heart and loves to play and be petted.  When she first came into rescue, she had a few seizures so she had a vet check, vaccinations, heartworm test, fecal test and a full blood panel.  The tests revealed that she has Hypo -thyroid so she is on a low dose thyroid medication 2 times a day. Being low on thyroid hormone can cause seizures but since being treated her seizures have stopped. Her thyroid medication is $40.00 for about three months.  The doctor did another bloodwork panel a month later and her thyroid levels were much better. She is now ready to get her dental so she will be ready for a new forever home. 

 Tess will love a home as only dog or one with other female dogs. She has been a little bossy with the males in her foster home, but they probably deserve it! She walks well on lead, but does not do well in a crate. She has never had an accident in her foster home and once in a great while she uses a potty pad at night.  If you are interested in this beautiful Iggy girl, please contact Kim at


My name is Paolo which means "little" but, I am anything but!  I am what they call a "biggy iggy" because I weigh 23 lbs.  I do need to lose some weight, but I will never be petite! I lost my human awhile back and am looking for a new forever family!  I would like to have a sibling or two to play with.  Even though I am 8 years old and a little grey in the face I like to play, sometimes even by myself with a furry squeaky toy, I like them a lot!  I also love walks, I like to pull a little at first, but I am getting better on a leash!  However, My favorite thing to do is to take a naps, either in the sun or in my donut bed!   My foster Mom says I am a little skittish when people reach for me but after awhile I am not so scared.  I love meeting new people and other dogs too! I think I would do better in home with older children.  I don't mind my crate and I have really good potty habits!  I know the commands of sit and wait, and I am waiting on my new forever family to adopt me!  Contact Kim at if you are interested in Paolo