Sophie is a blue girl that is 11 yrs young.  She is very sweet and a joy to have around.  Her potty habits are good, she walks well on a leash and does very well in the car and going new places. 

She is a very loving little girl who would love to have a forever home of her own for her golden years. 

If you have room in your heart and family for this wonderful girl, please contact Kim at


 Titan is a very special boy, very sweet and wants nothing more than your love and affection, or a few extra cookies... He is very a big boy, and is on a diet. He currently is down to 26 pounds, having come in to rescue at 35.5 pounds. But don't overlook this boy - he has tons of personality! He loves to play and loves to snuggle next to you on the couch or bed.
Titan is very good on a leash, is crate-trained, and good with cats and most other dogs. There are some dogs we have met when out and about that did not impress him, but he has been alright with other Italian Greyhounds. He has very good potty habits if taken outside when he needs to go, but like many Iggies, if asked to wait too long, may not be able to do so.
Titan has a mild heart murmur, and has a slightly enlarged heart. No medication is required, and he should improve with some with weight loss. He just had his teeth cleaned and came through the surgery with no problems.

If you have room in your heart for Titan, please contact Kim at


Ruby is a sweet 9 year-old female. She has been a joy to foster! She is wonderful with her potty habits, is loveable, likes kids, wants to be with her human and adores other dogs.  Her best friend in the foster home just got a forever home of her own this past week and she misses her greatly.  

Ruby is very  smart, leash trained and crate trained and loves riding in a car and going to different places. She would be a great addition to the right family. 

If you are interested in Ruby, please contact Kim at


Guiseppe is a beautiful, 10 lb, 11 1/2 year old, blue boy with a very sweet personality.  He is somewhat skittish in new situations. The perfect home for this boy would be a nice quiet home where he can spend his day on someone's lap.  He is good around other dogs and older children.  He is crate trained and can be left alone for a few hours at a time. He sleeps in his crate all night and will sometimes bark (he has the funniest little old man bark) to be let out to go potty and will immediately return to his crate to sleep.  His potty habits are fantastic but when it's cold out he prefers to use a potty pad and will use one consistently.  He does a wonderful job of letting you know that he needs to go out by dancing around you and jumping up and down.

Giuseppe likes to play tug of war with his toys and acts like a puppy during play time.  When he came into rescue he had a terrible skin condition that made him lose about 60% of his hair but since he's been in foster care and on medication, his fur has almost completely grown back.  

Guiseppe is enjoying his life with his foster family but would love to have a forever home to call his own.  If you are interested in Guiseppe, please contact Kim at


Blue is a 10 yo sweetheart of a boy who loves his foster family including humans, dogs and cats. Blue had a head trauma when he was a puppy, leaving him with very occasional seizures and is on medication he needs for the rest of his life. He has not had one in the weeks his foster family has had him to date. Even with having this trauma so early in life he is a very sweet and fun loving kid. Shy around strangers, Blue gets attached and warms up quickly. He has great potty habits now but did need a belly band the first week or so. He has a very expressive face and loves to hug and give love nips on your ears. It is the best feeling! He also loves to ride in cars and go to PetsMart. Blue needs to wear a harness for walking because he seems to be sensitive to collars with leashes. He will come with one or two harnesses.

Blue (in harness):

If you are interested in Blue, please contact Kim at


Monte is a 10 year old seal and white boy.  He is on the larger side and currently weighs 22 lbs but is working very hard to lose just a couple more pounds to be fit and trim.  Monte tends to get a little nervous when introduced to new people or surroundings so his foster parents have been working on building his confidence and he is doing very well.  Monte is quiet, has a sweet nature and is not pushy with people or other dogs.  In some ways he acts afraid to ask for attention.  Anyone who owns an Italian Greyhound knows that asking for attention is all they do! He rides quietly in the car, does great on leash and adapts well when in public, especially if other dogs are around.  Monte is doing great with his potty habits and has even learned to use a doggie door.  Once he gets comfortable with his surroundings, he'll be up on your lap wanting to snuggle or nudging your hand to scratch his head.  He's also been know to sneak in a few kisses.  One of his favorite things to do is be outside in the sun.  Even if there is a hint of a sun ray he finds it.  Monte is a wonderful dog that still has many years to love and with the right family to encourage him, will become a loving
friend and companion.
If you are interested in Monte, please contact Kim at