Digby is an 11 pound 6 year old male Iggy. He is considered a light fawn almost appearing white in color. He is a young acting dog who loves to chase toys and play with people in the backyard. He adores children and will gallop and follow them around.   

Digby was in a house fire about a year ago and was rescued by a fireman. He has a few spots that appear to be little singe marks on his nose.

Digby loves to cuddle. He likes to be the center of attention and will compete for attention if other dogs are around. However; lately, Digby has enjoyed cuddling with his current IG foster brothers and sisters now that trust has been established.  Digby does a  nice job following a potty schedule if consistent with his routine. While in the backyard he enjoys laying in soft mulch and soaking up the sun.
Digby walks very well using a lead, rides well in a car, and sleeps well in his crate at night.  In general, when not playing ,he is a pretty laid back little fella. He would do well on his own or with other dogs. He has recently been updated on all shots, has had a full dental, and is heart worm negative. Now all Digby needs is his forever home.

If you are interested in Digby, please contact Kim at topironhorse2000@hotmail.com


Percy is a 9 year old, very sweet, boy. His original owner became sick with cancer so the owner's vet adopted him out.  Percy was adopted to a family who only kept him for about six moths.  After six months, they were no longer attached to Percy. 

Percy has lots of love to give if you have room in your heart for him.  He became attached to his foster mom right away. He lies beside his foster mom and follows her around the house. He will go up to foster dad, but not as much.  We are thinking maybe Percy was abused by a male human previously.  Percy will definitely need a home with at least a female owner. 

Percy has no back teeth so his tongue hangs out most of the time but, he does still have his K9 teeth.  He is eating soft ground can food, but will also eat hard food out of his foster siblings food bowl. He does have trouble keeping food in his mouth when he eats so he will make a little bit of a mess. But if he steals your heart, you won't mind cleaning up his mess up after each meal. Drinking water is the same way. Percy will slobber when drinking water, but that is only because his tongue hangs out.  Percy came into foster care a little too thin, so his foster family is working on getting him to gain some weight.

It is so cute to see Percy get excited. When his foster family comes home from work, he dances around and will try to give Iggy kisses. He is full of love if you give him a chance.

Percy's potty habits are good, but if you don't pay attention, he will go in the house. He will prance around and at times will bark to let you know he wants to go outside. He loves the outside and loves to lay in the sun.

Percy does very well in a crate. He sleeps with his foster mom at night. Percy is very good on a leash and a little bit of a prancer.  Like other Iggies, he loves to be under blankets.  It won't take very long for Percy to steal your heart.  

If you are interested in Percy, please contact Kim at topironhorse2000@hotmail.com. 

Giovanni (Gio)

Giovanni (Gio) is a very sweet, laid-back 4 1/2 year-old Iggy boy. He has the most beautiful eyes! He has very good potty habits so long as you get him outside when he needs to go, crate-trained, and loves to sit on your lap or snuggle under the blankies with you. He is very good with children, men and women. He is good with other dogs as long as they are not extremely pushy with him. He is fine with cats. Gio walks nicely on leash. He sometimes gets into mischief if left unsupervised. He loves a nice box of tissues or roll of toilet paper or paper towels, so would do well to be crated when left alone. Gio is a bigger boy, weighing 20 pounds, and is  working on losing a pound or two.
If you are interested in Gio, please contact Kim at