Joey Roo

Joey is a red fawn and white male between 4 and 5 months old.  He has a very social personality.  He will sometimes hesitate when reached for but does great once in your arms.  He is a sweet snuggle bug when tired.  He also loves the other dogs, playing tug of war or just chasing them to try and steal their toys.  He is on the move most of the time and is very energetic.  He's a very sweet little boy.   He is doing pretty good with his crate training and leash walking.  He rides well in the car too but sometimes acts a little car sick.  Like most iggy pups, house training is the most challenging thing to learn but he's coming along well now that it has warmed up some.


Milo is a 4 year old IG that is small, weighing in at about 8 lbs.  He is very handsome with dark grey/black with white markings.  Milo is a funny, playful, little guy that loves to play with his toys and when he isn't playing, he is snuggling on your lap under a "blankie".  Milo walks well on a leash and is great with other dogs and children.  He is not fond of crates but his potty habits are great and is fine being left out when left alone.  Milo and his "brother" Otis came into rescue together and are being fostered in the same home together.  If you are interested in Milo or in Milo and Otis as a pair, please contact Kim at


Otis is a very handsome 8 year old IG with a very sweet personality and weighs in at about 14 lbs.  This IG is a very happy boy and is perfectly content playing with stuffed toys, tennis balls, or snuggling with his family.  Otis gets along well with other dogs and children but can be bossy.  Otis is not fond of the crate but does well when left out and his potty habits are great.  Otis came into rescue with his "brother" Milo and both are being fostered together with hope that someone might want to adopt Milo and Otis together as a pair.  If you are interested in Otis or in Otis and Milo as a pair, please contact Kim at


Jazzy is a young 10 year old Iggie girl that weighs in at about 17 lbs. She has a beautiful, shiny, black coat with white feet, face and chest.  This girl is sweet, playful and loves to snuggle.  Jazzy also has good potty habits but will have accidents if left for more than four hours at a time.  Jazzy likes to go for walks and car rides
and is good with other dogs and kids. Jazzy would be a wonderful forever companion for the right family.  If you are interested in Jazzy, please contact Kim at topironhorse2000@hotmailcom.


 Remy is an absolutely gorgeous, 7 year old, male IG and weighs about 9 lbs.  BUT, don't let his age fool you because he is full of energy and life and acts more like a 3 year old.  Remy gets excited about everything and everyone and is a very social boy.  He walks great on leash, has very good potty habits and is crate trained.  He likes to have conversations with you, likes to play with you and most of all, will love you with all his heart.  He's an amazing little jumper and is very entertaining. Remy adores his family most of all.  If there is an empty lap, he'll find it!  He jumps up and will snuggle right in for as long as you allow.  He is instantly relaxed and comfortable as soon as you hold and love on him.  He gets along well with his foster brothers and sisters so will do fine with other dogs.  In the right, active, environment, he would also be fine as an only dog.  If you have a place in your home and heart for this wonderful little guy, please email Kim at


Simon is a wonderful IG/Chihuahua mix that is full of energy for a 10 year old.  He LOVES to be with people, wanting to be right next to you whenever possible.  He sleeps in bed, under the covers with his foster parents at night and is more than willing to nap with you at any time throughout the day. 
He does great with going potty outside when kept on a consistent schedule.  He is very vocal in the morning with letting you know that he is ready to get up and get his day started. 
Simon is very food driven and will try to steal food from our other dogs if given the chance.  Otherwise, he gets along wonderfully with our other dogs.  He is taking some herbal supplements called “Easy Strider” from Only Natural Pet to help with some aches and pains that this distinguished gentleman has ;-)
Simon is a wonderful car rider, is crate trained and knows a few basic commands. 
If you have room in your heart for Simon, please contact Kim at