Sydney is an adorable, small, red, female iggy mix that is about 10 months old. She was abandoned in a housing addition.  She is mixed, most likely with min pin. Her tail has been recently amputated in the last couple of months. 

Sydney is a very sweet girl who loves to gives kisses.  At night, she wants to snuggle, under the blankets, close to her family. She is very cuddly. The more you laugh, the more excited she gets.

 Being outside and running or playing with her foster brothers and sisters is one of her favorite things to do. Toys are also at the top of her list and she is content playing on her own or interacting with family.

Sydney is a little nervous around men and new things so she needs positive reinforcement in those situations. Her alertness is amazing with those floppy ears that stand up and she will let out a little muffled bark when she hears something outside.

Sydney, like most Italian Greyhounds, wants to be the center of your world and won't hesitate to jump into whatever activity is going on so a fenced yard is a must for this active little girl.

If you would like more information on Miss Sydney please contact Kim at  


Dante is a 13yr old neutered male. He is a very loving and sweet dog that wants to be close to people all the time. While he is an older boy he still likes to act silly and trot around the yard. His big ears are adorable.  He is very social with new people and places. He is crate trained and leash trained.

Dante has a pacemaker but it requires no maintenance. He also takes a couple heart medications to keep him healthy and active.  

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Alivia is the most beautiful, loving, 7 year old, black and white Iggy you'll ever want to meet! She is blind, but don't let that fool you, she is a happy Iggy and gets around easily once she learns her new surroundings. It only took Alivia a couple days to learn her way around her foster home.

Alivia loves humans and loves to lay beside you all the time, under a blanket of course. She sleeps with her foster mom each night under the blankets. She does well in a crate while riding in the car with a few wines since she's not getting her human contact. She does not do well on a leash since she can't see, she lets her nose lead her. She loves the outside and loves to sun bathe. 

Alivia's potty habits are good. During the day she uses potty pads while foster parent sare at work. Other times she will potty outside. 

Alivia will greet you when you come home with hugs and kisses to show how much she missed you while you were gone. She gets along well with her foster sister Iggies and they keep her company during the day while foster parents are at work.

Alivia said the perfect home for her would be one with a fenced yard where she can move freely and enjoy the outside and sunny days. She also said she would love a home where she can sleep with her human at night because she loves the human contact. She would also love to have a furry sister or brother to keep her company to while her human is away from home anytime during
the day. 
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Astro is a 1 year old (and a few months), blue and white, male IG.  He is very sweet and loving and is super playful, like most one year olds.  He is good with older children and great with other dogs and would do best with another playful companion.  A home with a fenced yard would be ideal.

Astro is a wonderful iggy boy who lives life to the fullest and spends his days playing and cuddling.  He does have one medical issue but, shhhh, don't tell him because he doesn't seem to know!  Astro has condition called "Mega Esophagus".  This just means that his esophagus muscles are weak and flabby and don't push the food down his esophagus the way they should.  To help his food go down he has to eat food that is the consistency of pudding and then sit upright for 20 minutes after he eats so the food can go down by gravity.  After that, he can run and play as much as he wants.  Many dogs live very long lives with this condition and have no trouble at all. 

If you think you can give this awesome little guy the forever home he needs, contact us at


Kita says Hi. She is located in Indiana and available for adoption within Indiana, Western Ohio, Eastern Illinois, or Southern Michigan. 

She is estimated to be about 13. 
Kita is one of the Lafayette hoarding IGs, she is still very skittish and things still scared her.

She would like a quiet home with  lower key companion dogs to hang out with her besides her human companion (s). 

Although she does run from us when we walk towards her most times, she does follow us around the house. 

Her favorite place is the kitchen, for obvious reasons. She is a picky/odd eater though when it comes to feeding time. Sometimes the "stars must be in alignment" for her. She is a creature of habit and takes her cues from the other dogs in the house along with positive reinforcement from her parent(s) and a little jealous streak she has. What Iggy likes you praising another Iggy in the house without wanting some of the action too?! 

Kita is potty reliable on potty pads and will go outside as well.  She will need a very secure fenced in yard due to her skittish nature. Since she has been liberated, she has decided that the "outdoors" is a pretty cool place in small doses. She likes to roll in the grass a bit but will quickly ask to come back in again. Kita is wearing a UV protective outfit from Spoiled Bratzwear since her coloring is light and not used to being outside in the sun. She will need a very secure harness if you take her anywhere, but diligence and carefulness with her will be if the utmost importance! 

Kita deserves to be pampered and have the good life while she is still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. 

Seniors really do rock btw!
If you want more information on this adorable girl, please email Kim at


Sugar is a very sweet girl that knows no stranger. She gives hugs to everyone she meets. She loves to cuddle next to you or on your lap and burrow under the blankets. She is crate trained and house broken. She alerts us when she needs to go out by scratching at the door. She doesn't mind cats or her foster brother, Bean (IG). She loves to sunbath in the backyard. She does great on car rides and on a leash.  (Side note). We don't crate her very often. When we work during the day we keep her in our master bedroom with a potty pad in the bathroom. She sleeps most of the time and rarely uses the potty pad, she's good at holding it. All teeth have been extracted and she does well with eating small adult kibbles. She likes to beg for table food. She eats treats with no problem.   If you are interested in Sugar, contact Kim at