Simon is a wonderful IG/Chihuahua mix that is full of energy for a 10 year old.  He LOVES to be with people, wanting to be right next to you whenever possible.  He sleeps in bed, under the covers with his foster parents at night and is more than willing to nap with you at any time throughout the day. 
He does great with going potty outside when kept on a consistent schedule.  He is very vocal in the morning with letting you know that he is ready to get up and get his day started. 
Simon is very food driven and will try to steal food from our other dogs if given the chance.  Otherwise, he gets along wonderfully with our other dogs.  He is taking some herbal supplements called “Easy Strider” from Only Natural Pet to help with some aches and pains that this distinguished gentleman has ;-)
Simon is a wonderful car rider, is crate trained and knows a few basic commands. 
If you have room in your heart for Simon, please contact Kim at


Snow is an adorable 1-year-old male that was found half-frozen at the side of a country road. Fortunately he has recovered from his ordeal and appears to be none the worse for it all. He is a healthy, active puppy, but, like many white dogs, is deaf.
Snow is pure puppy and a work in progress with his training. He is working on his potty training. If he is taken outside on a regular basis, he does pretty well, but like most Iggies, does not like being cold and wet. On severely cold or wet days, he uses a potty pad in the house or a towel on the back sun porch.

Training with a deaf dog may seem like it should be difficult, but can be accomplished with hand signs and consistent, regular training. As you can see in his photos, Snow has already learned to sit, lay down, stand, and is learning wait or stay.

Snow is good on a leash and good with other dogs, but has not yet figured out how to leave the kitty alone. He wants to play constantly, and plays well with the Greyhound in his foster home. He has the curiosity of any puppy, so is not ready to be left unsupervised in the house. He would do well in a home with at least one other dog and someone who can be home much of the time to work with him and help finish his training.

If you have room in your heart for Snow, please contact Kim at


Gus is a 7 yr old blue and white boy that weighs about 12 pounds.  He is very sweet and likes to be as close to his family as possible for as long as possible.  A huge snuggle bug.  He is well socialized and will take any opportunity to get attention from anyone he meets, person or dog.  While he enjoys playing with other dogs, his focus is always on his family.  He rides well in the car and walks good on leash.  He is crate trained and knows a few commands.  If you would like more information on Gus, please contact Kim at


Gunny is a 6 year old male IG and very sweet with older children and adults.  Gunny will not be good in a home with small children because they make him nervous.  He loves playing with the other dogs in his foster home and has become great friends with the cats as well.  Gunny's potty habits are ok and he is getting better with telling his foster mom that he needs to go out.  He walks well on a leash, crates well and can even be left out while his foster mom leaves the house for short periods of time.  Like most Iggies, Gunny likes to sit on his foster mom and dad's lap or next to them on the sofa under a blanket and LOVES to sleep in bed with them at night under the covers.  Gunny is located in Indiana and would love to be your forever companion.  If you would like to know more about Gunny, please contact Kim at


Walter is a stunning 3.5 yr old male IG.  He is OK with older kids and dogs.  Walter is not good with young children because they make him nervous and he is new to cats so he is a little bit "barky" at them.  His potty habits are good as long as he is let out on a regular basis. Walter is crate trained and loves to ride in the car but needs some brushing up on his leash manners.  He loves to snuggle, play and run around in the yard and at night, loves to sleep under the covers. Walter is located in Indiana.  If you would like to know more about Walter please contact Kim at


Sophie is a blue girl that is 11 yrs young.  She is very sweet and a joy to have around.  Her potty habits are good, she walks well on a leash and does very well in the car and going new places. 

She is a very loving little girl who would love to have a forever home of her own for her golden years. 

If you have room in your heart and family for this wonderful girl, please contact Kim at