Vinnie is a sweet shy boy who loves to snuggle with his foster family.  He is playful and funny, and has a joy for life.  He is a typical Iggy with high energy and would do well in a fenced yard and another small dog to play with.  He walks well on a leash, crates well and his potty habits are excellent as long as his foster family makes sure he goes out to do his business.  Like most male dogs he will mark if left unattended or without a bellyband in new surroundings.  He does not ask to go out, so will need a schedule of potty breaks, and has shown no interest in what the doggie door is for. 

Vinnie is very head shy, but likes being petted and loved once he gets to know you.  He loves to sleep under the covers with his foster family and sleeps very soundly with no accidents. 

If you would like more information about Vinnie, please contact Kim at


My name is Molly, and I would LOVE to be your new BFF!

About me: I'm 7 years old and a pretty blue and white color.  I crate quietly at night for bedtime. I'm good with my potty habits.  I LOVE the doggy door in my foster home! I walk well on leash.  I have a row of scars on my left side and hip, from being hit by a car in my previous home.

I've been busy since I came into rescue. I'm what you would call a "Biggy Iggy" girl because I came in weighing 39.8 pounds.  Now am down to a much more sleek 29 pounds. I still have a few pounds to go, but am working diligently at that!

I love everyone - other small dogs, little humans and big humans, and I love to give kisses. I love the Iggies and Chinese Cresteds in my foster home - kissing them all the time!  Having said that, I probably would be best not left alone with cats. I love to CHASE, but I don't hurt them. Of course, if you ask the cats...

What I need in a home: Humans to love me but not spoil me with excess food. Another small dog or Iggy who loves to play and cuddle. A fenced yard. That is a necessity. I LOVE to run and run. People who don't mind a dog who 'talks' a lot. I have a lot to say, so I'll talk to you and the other dogs.

If you have room in your heart and home for me, please contact Kim at

Reggie and Sugar

Reggie and Sugar are a bonded pair of Italian Greyhounds who need to find a home together. They are 9 years old, very sweet, very good with their potty habits, and up to date on all vaccines and vetted.  If you have a place in your heart for them and can give them the perfect forever home, please contact Kim at


C.C. is a pretty blue and white female that is about 5 years old. She has good potty habits, likes to ride in the car and is working on her leash walking. There is a little shyness with new situations but she adapts quickly with a little encouragement from her family. She likes to meet and play chase with other dogs.

C.C. is sweet and loving with her foster family and loves to be close them, like "Velcro" close. :) She also gets really excited about playing with toys, especially if she can trick you into a game of tug of war. She has lots and lots of energy and will run and play chase for hours. She has some separation anxiety that causes her to act out in her crate and when she doesn't get enough attention.

Her ideal home will have someone that can be home a lot and have the time to interact with her. Another dog with her energy level would also be great. She does not do well around small children or cats.
If you have room in your heart and home for C.C., please contact Kim at

ADOPTED! - Flynn

Hi! My name is Flynn, and I am Mr. HANDSOME! I'm here to talk to you today because my foster mom says I have the gift of gab (I even talk in my sleep, so don't tell me any secrets), and I am ready for my forever home.

I am still learning my basic house manners, like not jumping up on people, and not going crazy when I see a fellow four-footed friends.  I love to take walks, and I can walk very nicely for you.  I would dearly love a home with a fenced yard (so I can show you how I can fly!) and another Iggy or other canine companion!  My crate is my sanctuary, and I love sleeping in there at night or when you have to be away.  I'm great with kids, so long as they know how to act when I jump up on them.
My foster mom says I am funny - when I sleep, you can flip me over and I don't wake up. That's because, like any young Iggy, I'm dreaming of all the things I can do when I'm awake. You see, like Titan, I'm a member of the Bilbo Baggins Thieves' Club, and I take my responsibilities very seriously! I love to check out the plates left on the counters and table, so beware!

If you are interested in adding me to your family, please contact Kim at

ADOPTED! - Quincy

Quincy is a 5 year old handsome blue and white Iggy. He is a tall Iggy weighs 21 pounds, but in no way does he look overweight. He is a very sweet boy. Loves attention. When foster mommy and daddy come home from work he will greet them with excitement. 
Quincy gets along very well with the three Iggy girls in his foster home and will often lay and snuggle with them. Quincy does like to play the dominant role of the home. A home that already has a dominate male in the home is not recommended because Quincy got in a scuffle with another dominated male the last placement he was at.

Quincy has great potty habits and will let you know when he would like outside. He is great on the leash. Although his foster mommy does not put him in a crate, she was told he does very well when crated. At night time, Quincy will snuggle under the blankets in foster mommy's bed to sleep for the night.
The perfect home for Quincy would need to be a home that does not have small children.
 If you are interested in Quincy please contact Kim at