Brady is a very sweet, silly 6 month old, blue and white male that's a little on the larger side; weighs 11-12 pounds.  He really enjoys people and usually stays very close even if your moving from room to room.  He gets along well with other small dogs but is a little intimidated by large dogs.  He rides really well in a car and is leash trained.  He will go in his crate with a treat and is able to hold his potty for several hours, however he does occasionally have an accident if left in it for longer periods of time.  He is working very hard on potty habits and also knows a couple of commands.   His ideal home will be with people that are available to spend lots of time with him so if your up to the challenge of a puppy this little guy will reward you with happiness and lots of kisses.  He loves to please.  If you are interested in Brady, please contact Kim at

Leonardo (Leo)

Leonardo is a very sweet 4 1/2 year old Iggy boy who is full of love.  Leo LOVES walks and is really good on a leash (A bit of a prancer!) He doesn't like to be held like most other smaller dogs do and he gets a bit skittish if it looks like you are about to pick him up. Leo will however lay beside you in the chair or with you on the couch. He loves to snuggle under his blankets and lay in the sun.  Leo loves food and his a little bit of a beggar. He came into foster care with his toys, but has not played with them much but since he is young he still has lots of energy. Leo does very good in a crate during the day and at night he likes to sleep with his foster mommy at the end of her bed, under his own little blanket. Since coming into foster care, Leo has done all his potty outside like a good boy. He has not however used any of the potty pads that are left out for is foster sisters. He gets along well with all his foster sisters and when Leo saw a kitten at the vet, he just ignored it. 
If you are interested in Leo, please contact Kim at


Giovanni (Gio)

Giovanni (Gio) is a very sweet, laid-back 4 1/2 year-old Iggy boy. He has the most beautiful eyes! He has very good potty habits so long as you get him outside when he needs to go, crate-trained, and loves to sit on your lap or snuggle under the blankies with you. He is very good with children, men and women. He is good with other dogs as long as they are not extremely pushy with him. He is fine with cats. Gio walks nicely on leash. He sometimes gets into mischief if left unsupervised. He loves a nice box of tissues or roll of toilet paper or paper towels, so would do well to be crated when left alone. Gio is a bigger boy, weighing 20 pounds, and is  working on losing a pound or two.
If you are interested in Gio, please contact Kim at