Bella is a sweet loving, 10 year old, Iggy girl that loves nothing better then to sit beside you and cuddle. She loves her stuffed animals and plays with them a lot. She is food motivated, walks well on a leash and sleeps quietly in her crate.

Bella loves other dogs and gentle human kids. Her potty habits are good.

If you have room in your heart and home for Bella, please contact Kim at 

Bella qualifies for the Senior Special and her fee would be 137.50 until April 8th. 


Jolie is a very pretty fawn and white Iggy girl and is 11 years young. She loves to follow you everywhere and is very excited to be with her humans.  If you go into another room and come back she acts like she hasn't seen you in years! 

Jolie walks very well on a leash, is crate trained and her potty habits are good.  She loves other dogs and well behaved human kids.

Jolie is not much of a lap dog but will lay on the couch next to you. She is very food motivated and will do what you want for a treat.

Jolie would love to be part of your family!   If you are interested in this wonderful Iggy girl please contact Kim at

Jolie qualifies for the spring special - since she is 11 yrs her fee would be 75.00 till April 8th. 


Lennon is the sweetest Iggy girl I have had the pleasure to foster and was named after John Lennon. She is a blue and white, tall, but thin Iggy and weighs about 10 pounds. She has blue alopecia which means that she has lost all her blue hair but kept her white hair but she doesn't mind as long as she can wear her Jammies.  

Lennon is 15 yrs old but she is very active and always on the go.   If I didn't know her actual birthdate I would have thought she was around 7-8 yrs old!  She likes to talk to you. She walks well on a leash and she will crate quietly at night. She likes to ride in the car and would make an awesome travel buddy.

Lennon's potty habits are excellent once she knows where the door is that she is to go out. She will go to that door and bark to go out. Lennon loves walking around the yard and checking out every little thing. Lennon is a little hard of hearing but her eyesight is great!  She can even see a little crumb dropped on the floor! Lennon loves other dogs and well behaved human kids. She ignores cats. She loves to be held and snuggled. 

If you are interested in this awesome girl please contact kim at 

Lennon qualifies for the spring special and her fee is 75.00 until April 8th! 


Dante is a 13yr old neutered male. He is a very loving and sweet dog that wants to be close to people all the time. While he is an older boy he still likes to act silly and trot around the yard. His big ears are adorable.  He is very social with new people and places. He is crate trained and leash trained.

Dante has a pacemaker but it requires no maintenance. He also takes a couple heart medications to keep him healthy and active.  

For more information about Dante contact Kim at


Kita says Hi. She is located in Indiana and available for adoption within Indiana, Western Ohio, Eastern Illinois, or Southern Michigan. 

She is estimated to be about 13. 
Kita is one of the Lafayette hoarding IGs, she is still very skittish and things still scared her.

She would like a quiet home with  lower key companion dogs to hang out with her besides her human companion (s). 

Although she does run from us when we walk towards her most times, she does follow us around the house. 

Her favorite place is the kitchen, for obvious reasons. She is a picky/odd eater though when it comes to feeding time. Sometimes the "stars must be in alignment" for her. She is a creature of habit and takes her cues from the other dogs in the house along with positive reinforcement from her parent(s) and a little jealous streak she has. What Iggy likes you praising another Iggy in the house without wanting some of the action too?! 

Kita is potty reliable on potty pads and will go outside as well.  She will need a very secure fenced in yard due to her skittish nature. Since she has been liberated, she has decided that the "outdoors" is a pretty cool place in small doses. She likes to roll in the grass a bit but will quickly ask to come back in again. Kita is wearing a UV protective outfit from Spoiled Bratzwear since her coloring is light and not used to being outside in the sun. She will need a very secure harness if you take her anywhere, but diligence and carefulness with her will be if the utmost importance! 

Kita deserves to be pampered and have the good life while she is still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. 

Seniors really do rock btw!
If you want more information on this adorable girl, please email Kim at


Hi!  My name is Beaucelli!  My foster mom says that I am a HANDSOME boy and takes lots of pictures of me.  I gets lots of hugs and kisses from my foster mom and I give her kisses and hugs right back.  I really do know how to hug!

I'm 11 years young and weigh about 13 pounds.

I'm a really good boy and get along with my foster brothers and sisters.  I don't even mind the cats!  They tell me I will need a fenced yard because I am blind.  But don't let that scare you, it doesn't scare me!  I go everywhere in the house and know where everyone is just by the sound of their voices and sounds.  I'm really, REALLY good at it too!  I go outside and play with toys and just love being with my foster family.  When my mom goes to work I sleep quietly on the sofa or in my "taco bed" until she comes home but I'm ok in a kennel for short periods of time.

Please contact Kim at for more information.