Friday, January 25, 2019


Louie likes to play with his squeaky toys! He doesn't like to be picked up, unfortunately. However, if his foster mom and dad go real slow but are firm and talk him through it, he will allow it. He's content to lie in a bed on the floor or sleep in an open crate. Louie wears a 3-point Ruffwear harness to be sure he is safe when out and about. He enjoys running around the yard. If you couldn't already tell, Louie is a Chow hound. Counter surfing is possible and it is important to keep things out of his reach. His foster dad is a Nebraska Huskers fan, so please don't judge Louie for that.

Louie is a sweetheart, just not touchy-feely, but likes to play with his humans.

If you are interested in this precious boy, please contact Kim at

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