Astro - ADOPTED!

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Astro is a 1 year old (and a few months), blue and white, male IG.  He is very sweet and loving and is super playful, like most one year olds.  He is good with older children and great with other dogs and would do best with another playful companion.  A home with a fenced yard would be ideal.

Astro is a wonderful iggy boy who lives life to the fullest and spends his days playing and cuddling.  He does have one medical issue but, shhhh, don't tell him because he doesn't seem to know!  Astro has condition called "Mega Esophagus".  This just means that his esophagus muscles are weak and flabby and don't push the food down his esophagus the way they should.  To help his food go down he has to eat food that is the consistency of pudding and then sit upright for 20 minutes after he eats so the food can go down by gravity.  After that, he can run and play as much as he wants.  Many dogs live very long lives with this condition and have no trouble at all. 

If you think you can give this awesome little guy the forever home he needs, contact us at

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