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Alivia is the most beautiful, loving, 7 year old, black and white Iggy you'll ever want to meet! She is blind, but don't let that fool you, she is a happy Iggy and gets around easily once she learns her new surroundings. It only took Alivia a couple days to learn her way around her foster home.

Alivia loves humans and loves to lay beside you all the time, under a blanket of course. She sleeps with her foster mom each night under the blankets. She does well in a crate while riding in the car with a few wines since she's not getting her human contact. She does not do well on a leash since she can't see, she lets her nose lead her. She loves the outside and loves to sun bathe. 

Alivia's potty habits are good. During the day she uses potty pads while foster parent sare at work. Other times she will potty outside. 

Alivia will greet you when you come home with hugs and kisses to show how much she missed you while you were gone. She gets along well with her foster sister Iggies and they keep her company during the day while foster parents are at work.

Alivia said the perfect home for her would be one with a fenced yard where she can move freely and enjoy the outside and sunny days. She also said she would love a home where she can sleep with her human at night because she loves the human contact. She would also love to have a furry sister or brother to keep her company to while her human is away from home anytime during
the day. 
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